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Multi-Currency Exchange

Based in Costa Rica and serving the world. Bity Mundo currently serves Costa Rican Colones (CRC), Euros (EUR), and US Dollars (USD) with more on the way.

1 Million Transactions
per Second

Although Bitcoin still has a little way to go before it hits a number as massive as 1 million transactions per second we are ready for that day today. With industry leading technology backed by Alpha Point our system offers the fastest possible transactions in the market.


Bity Mundo utilizes cold storage in combination with BitGo for hot wallet security just to be sure. BitGo operates our 2 of 3 multi-signature hot wallet where they hold one key for co-signing transactions while the other is stored offline in cold storage.


Because everyone needs to step away from time to time we provide automated solutions with your best interests in mind. Stop Loss, Take Profit, Auto and Limit Orders, all come standard. Our system streams real time data 24/7 and in depth analytics that provide our clients with the tools they need to evaluate market when they need them most.


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